Testimonial #1

T McCauley, Philadelphia PA

I would like to start by saying that I am neither a spiritual person nor a believer in the paranormal, but I do want to relate a number of incidents where I received benefits I can not explain through the assistance of Cathy of Angel Reiki Healing.

The first incident occurred when I was working hundreds of miles from home, in the dead of winter and found myself in several feet of snow with a car that would not start and 500 miles to go in order to reach my next appointment. I had tried every trick I knew to get the car started, and had given up when I received a surprise call from Cathy. She told me she had a feeling that something was wrong and I told her about my situation. I was angry, frustrated and very emotional, but she responded with absolute calm and confidence.

“Dont worry, everything is going to work out.” She told me.

“ I am going to call on the Angels to help you with your car, I want you to wait 10 minutes, praying for the Angels to help and then call me.” I tried to tell her that this was silly and that the Angels can’t fix my car, but she was not to be dissuaded and just repeated her instructions.

Grinding my teeth in frustration, I waited the 10 minutes and called her again. Immediately her calm and soothing voice helped me to relax.

She told me to just get in the car now and turn the key.  I got in the car and turned the key, and nearly soiled myself when the car started without a pause. I was able to complete my day and make it home the following day, a total of 1,100 miles travel, before the car finally failed entirely and I had to take it to a mechanic.

The second event was almost identical in many ways.

I was managing a large event at a store that I owned with nearly 200 people in attendance when a major power failure threatened to cancel the event in mid day. As our entire month’s financial success was dependent upon that day’s event, I was devastated. I called the power company, only to be told that it would be 4-6 hours for power to be restored. I was actually walking to the event organizer to tell her we had to send everyone home when Cathy called, again due to intuition, that something was wrong.

I told her the situation, and once again she helped to calm me down with her certainty that all would be well. She kept me from cancelling the event and asked me to give her time to reach out for angelic assistance.

I waited the 5 minutes, and was ready to give up again in despair. I stood back up to go tell everyone to go home, when the lights all came on at once. Almost instantly my phone rang and it was Cathy again.

Stunned I said, “ What did you do?”

“The lights came on, didn’t they?” She asked.

I only repeated my question, and she laughed lightly.

“ I prayed to the angels, of course.” She told me, and described how she and her son had prayed together until she began to feel a tingling sensation. At that point she loudly proclaimed, “By the power of Jesus Christ, let there be light.” And at that very moment, 20 miles away, the lights in my 12,000 square foot store came on as if by magic.

I admit that these events have made me question my own lack of belief on more than one occasion. I cannot explain them myself, but Cathy will always tell me that the answer is simple.

“It was the Angels who helped you, silly.” She tells me, and maybe, just maybe she is right after all.

Testimonial #2

R Maskart , Media PA

Non-believers, take heed.  Cathy can, will, and DOES amaze.  How do I know?  Obviously from personal experience!  I will never forget the first migraine I ever got, I was very young for a migraine, but my family tends to have issues with migraines. I was 12, I thought the pain would never let up.  No medicine, no sleep, NOTHING seemed to help.  I was with Cathy which I often was, I told her of my pain and she told me to lay down.  When I did she placed my hand on my head, and her hand over mine, she then placed her hand on her head.  She told me she would try to channel her energy to ease the pain.  She instructed me to breathe in as if I were breathing in relief and painlessness, and then breathe out the pain, and tension.  I think I may have entered a trance-like state at this point, because my next memory of that time was opening my eyes, wide awake, without pain, in fact, I felt terrific.  This is just one example, but it’s the example I most love because I remember it so clearly even though I was so young and to this day try to imply the techniques in my life to help others.  I firmly and truly believe Cathy has a gift, and she’s using it to help people.  I think that’s the most wonderful gift anyone could give.

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