Distance Healing is performed ‘at a distance’ where you are free to be comfortable in your own surroundings.  We will talk prior to the healing where I will get some basic information about your specific issues and then set up a time when the healing will be performed.  I will then contact you at the appointed time and the healing will begin.  Prior to the healing, I will advise you of things you can do to get prepared for the healing.  In addition, I prepare myself for the healing by prayer, meditation, cleansing and allowing time to tune in to you specifically.

In-Person Healing is performed at an agreed-upon location, such as a private home or hospital, or at the chiropractic office I work from in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania by appointment only.  Similar to a distance healing, we will talk prior to the healing where any basic questions will be answered and the specifics with regard to the healing itself and location will be addressed.

Life-Coaching Sessions are designed for immediate, short and long-term goal setting and personal empowerment and fulfillment.  These sessions are individualized for your specific needs and are geared for achievement.  I will keep track of your progress for you and help you to stay focused on the goals that are set.  Life coaching is most successful when the sessions are regular and on-going.  Once initial goals are reached, further goals can be set.  Sometimes it is preferred that life-coaching sessions are done ‘at a distance’ because then the focus remains entirely on you as opposed to allowing thoughts to drift into my surroundings, dress, etc.  However, I am happy to work with you in person if that is preferred.

Spiritual Teaching, Holistic Classes and Speaking Engagements.  These classes and speaking engagements can be done individually or in groups.  Rates for these classes will be discussed individually.


  • Distance Healing $80.00 per hour
  • In Person Healing $100.00 per hour
  • Distance Life Coaching $80.00 per hour or $250.00* for 4 weeks
  • In Person Life Coaching $100.00 per hour or $300.00* for 4 weeks

Discount Rates for Students


*Monthly rate discount available only if paid in advance

Payment can be made by Paypal, Personal Checks and Money Orders.

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