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Hope is an emotion which brings about positive feelings of optimism and enthusiasm. It leads to joy and desire and is necessary to obtain happiness in life. When the circumstances are grim, hope allows us to look positively towards the future and helps us believe there is going to be a better future. Without hope, life can be an unfulfilling and difficult journey.

Life is full of many unpredictable surprises and while some surprises bring great joy, others may bring about pain and heartache. Living a life full of hope and optimism can make the road to happiness seem within reach. Doubt and fear can make it difficult to hope and dream big. However, expecting a big result from taking a small risk is unreasonable. I know it is hard to put all your faith and hope into what you really want and that there is a risk of getting hurt, but the risk is worth taking to really pursue our dreams fully. Your whole heart and soul must be engaged to bring about the biggest returns.

Hope inspires us to go on, even when we are not sure of the road ahead. There are no guarantees. Without daring to hope, we tend to not expect much out of life. When this occurs, people become pessimistic and cynical. Life becomes dull and negative and the enjoyment of life begins to fade.

Maintaining hopefullness is much easier when we surround ourselves with others who view life in a hopeful and positive manner, those who we can share our dreams with and who will help us keep them alive and keep our spirits up. Living with hope and faith can help one overcome life’s tragic circumstances and look at them as lessons and experiences bringing us to further wisdom, personal growth and understanding.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I hope we win the lottery :)
    Beautiful article my beautiful friend.

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