Communicating With Angels

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Angels are all around us. They protect us and watch over us throughout our lives. We all have at least one guardian angel who remains with us throughout out entire life.

Communicating with angels is as simple as opening the mind and heart to receive their messages.

When communicating with angels, try to relax in a comfortable position and take deep cleansing breaths. This will help to still the mind and prepare you for angel communication. Some people like to quietly meditate for a few minutes to empty the mind of everyday thoughts. Then simply start formulating the question that needs answering, or the situation that requires guidance.

Following are just a few methods that can be used to communicate with angels.

Automatic Writing – once the body feels relaxed and the mind stilled, write down the question or situation that needs answering. Close your eyes and think quietly for a moment to open the soul to spirit. Then just start writing. Don’t concentrate on what is being written; just write from the heart and soul. Let thoughts soar without restrictions. Write until the body is empty of emotion. It is surprising how answers from angels are written on the page. You may only see doodles at first, but, if you keep at it, you will soon get the information you need. It is helpful to have regular automatic writing sessions with the angels, a designated time each day for automatic writing. That puts the angels on notice and yourself in the proper mindset with intent to get right down to business and start communicating. (I was shocked when I first got answers to my questions. I was using a journal for this purpose and writing without thinking. When I read what I wrote, I couldn’t believe I was actually getting real guidance and answers).

Meditation – You do not have to be a guru or sit in the lotus position to meditate. Taking a walk, listening to music and/or sitting and relaxing in nature are perfect scenarios for meditating and communicating with angels. Open the spirit by focusing on the area requesting guidance. Since the angels know you, it can be a statement as simple as, “you know my heart, please tell me what I need to know”. Listen to the voices coming from the heart and trust in them. They are the angels. (I find that meditation works best for me either when I first wake up, right before bed or when I am staring out into the ocean or listening to music. The reason for this is that it allows my mind to settle without over thinking or being disrupted by my ego and makes it easier to just let the thoughts flow. Often images will come to mind that give me the exact answer I was looking for.)

Visualization, Affirmation and Prayer– see what is desired in your mind and focus on it intently. Affirm your intentions as if they have already happened. Pray for your desired outcome. Ask the angels mentally or aloud to give you direction and then simply let it go. Trust the process and you will soon see your prayers manifesting into reality. (I often keep a dream board so that I can see what I desire right in front of me every day. It also reminds me to affirm and pray for what I want. When some time goes by and I look back, I realize that I have manifested everything I ever set my intentions to.)

Remember that due to the laws of free will, the angels cannot interfere in your life without your specific request. They want to help you, even with the most mundane things. Invite them into your life daily and you will see true wonder in your life.

I ask the angels to help me in almost everything I do from finding parking spots to watching over my home, for inspiration, answers to difficult problems, calming energy, making the right choices, confirming that I am on the right path, etc. and I am never truly alone.

Don’t forget to thank the angels for their help and keep inviting them into your life. The results are amazing!

Communicating with your Angels

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