The Mask

April 30, 2011 1 Comment


If it ever seemed that I’ve lived the charmed life, that it all came easy, then I’ve undoubtedly fooled you.

This mask is worn well, but not intended to deceive or make you feel inferior.

Its purpose is to rise above the anxiety, to live beyond the suffering and emerge in peace.

The face has been weathered.  It has been wiped of countless tears and grimaced in pain.

The mask is a fresh cover that I’ve created to give you hope, so that what’s underneath does not disillusion you or cause you to fear.

If you get close enough, you can still see what lies underneath, but, when you are that close, I can embrace you and give you all my love and strength and we will both be healed.

One Comments to “The Mask”
  1. Lisa says:

    Very beautiful and honest….masks are necessary for comfort and obviosuly your true resolve is apparent and wanted by many….

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