Crystal of the Month, April 2011- Herkimer Diamonds

April 29, 2011 No Comments

While the Herkimer Diamond displays a similar appearance to a diamond, it is actually a crystal.
Herkimer Diamonds were originally found in Herkimer, New York. There is a diamond mine
there where you can actually camp and mine for your own Herkimer Diamonds. I have several
Herkimer Diamonds which were literally pulled right from the ground.

Herkimer Diamonds are energy amplifiers. They assist with balancing on all levels and can be
used for self-empowerment. They provide the energy required for creating and manifesting
your desires into reality. They help to find clarity, relax the mind and inspire you to find
solutions where confusion once existed. Try placing one over your third eye and allow the
energy to take effect.

Herkimer Diamonds can hold information and can, therefore, be programmed. One way of
putting this into practice is to hold positive thoughts of love and desired outcomes while holding
the crystal, then place it under your bed at night to boost your dreams and manifest them into

Another idea is to wear them as jewelry, either alone or with other crystals. Because they
are energy boosters, I couple them with other crystals to create desired effects. For example,
turquoise enhances communication. I have a pendant with both a turquoise stone and Herkimer
diamond on it and I use it to boost the energy of my communications, especially if I have to
speak in front of others.

Herkimer Diamonds

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