Crystal of the Month, March 2011- Ruby

March 16, 2011 No Comments

The Ruby is deep red in color. It is a stone of passion and love and powerful feelings. It
provides enthusiasm and aids in overcoming exhaustion by boosting one’s life energy and

It stimulates the fire within and increases sexuality.

Rubies act as a shield from psychic or physical attack while encouraging reconciliation of
differences. They remind us to embrace life and all it has to offer.

Rubies are excellent for the heart and circulatory system and detoxify the body and

They facilitate tearing down the walls we build around ourselves to keep others out
through empowerment, while protecting us from harm in the process.

I am personally enamored with rubies. Red is my favorite color and rubies are so richly,
deeply red. I am full of passion and love and in touch with the full range of powerful
feelings and emotions. I can sometimes take on others’ emotions by tuning into them
empathic and feel what others are feelings, thereby becoming depressed or exhausted
for no apparent reason. Carrying a ruby with me restores my energy and uplifts my
mood. It stimulates my kundalini, my inner fire. Most recently, rubies are helping me to
release old hurts in relationships and feel safe and secure in moving forward without fear.

Crystal of the Month

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