Angel Reiki Healing

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Angel Reiki Healing

The focus of Reiki healing is the enhancement of the body’s own healing abilities through the transfer of life or vital energy, commonly referred to as chi, from the practitioner to the patient. This flow of chi allows the body to enter a state of relaxation that promotes internal healing through revitalization of the patient’s own life energy. Balancing the energy, unblocking stagnation, and freeing the flow of chi in the body returns it to a state of well being where healing can occur. The return to balance in the physical body ripples and brings healing and clarity to the emotions, mind, and spirit of the patient. Although not directly connected to any religious practice, Reiki’s spiritual nature is at the core of its effectiveness. It is a valuable self-healing practice along with a wonderful method for producing beneficial results in others. Reiki practitioners are so adept, they are capable of healing others from a distance.

Adding another dimension to the power of Reiki, the combination of this spiritual healing practice with the realm of the angels expands and deepens the possibilities. Angelic Reiki draws the healing power of the Divine Mind through the angelic beings to the Reiki practitioner, granting an even greater healing energy, maximizing the beneficial effects. Melding the two forms of energy healing optimizes self-healing and the restoration of well being to others.

Angel healing calls on the divine spiritual beings that can deliver a multifaceted renewal of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. The healing is there just for the asking. Through meditation, communication is opened with the angels, and healing on all planes can begin. The interconnectedness of our physical bodies with our emotional and spiritual health allows healing to spread, enveloping the entire person in comforting and curative angelic energy. Some practitioners of angel healing are most in tune with using their hands to channel the energy of the angels, leading to the beautiful blending of Reiki with angelic healing.

Healing through touch is a tradition that dates to Biblical times and before. It is seen in many diverse cultures, having a universal aspect. Ancient healing traditions across the globe all speak of a life force, a vital energy that flows through the universe and is deeply connected to the health of the human body. Reiki is in harmony with these ancient traditions, it uses chi, or the life force, focused through the hands to balance and heal.

By drawing on the divine beings, letting them surround and fill you with their vast presence, Reiki healing is transformed and enhanced. Through carefully holding positive intentions, the surrounding angelic beings envelope you with energy, assisting in the transfer of this energy to the one in need of healing. Seeking their guidance through sincere acceptance, while channeling their infinite energy, brings optimal healing to yourself and others.

Angel Reiki Healing is not restricted to human healing. Both animals and plants respond to the flow of curative energy. Angel Reiki treatments bring loving energy to pets and gardens. The restoration of balance, increasing vital energy and releasing toxins, whether physical or emotional, is at the core of this gentle and effective treatment. All beings benefit from this curative practice.

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