Animal Spirit Guides

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Shamanism is a prevalent global tradition, in which Shamans heal with the help of animal spirit guides. In America, most of us first hear about Shamans when studying Native American traditions. The terms ‘animal spirit guide’ and ‘totem animal’ are interchangeable.

It is useful to do an experiential meditation to expedite your first attempt to invoke and identify your spirit animal. Empty your mind of any advance notions dictating the form your guide will assume. Here are some ideas for this meditation.

Visualize a verdant forest glen. Walk around and smell the odors, inspect the plant life and anchor yourself in the environment. If there is water, immerse your hand in it. Just enjoy yourself, remaining in a relaxed and receptive frame of mind.

Now follow a trail that has appeared in front of you. Walk very slowly, taking everything in. Crouch down and open your ears to the tiniest sound. This is the time for your totem to find you.

Do you see your animal? Say hello, and ask any questions that you may have. Were you given a name? You don’t need to push this first contact. The animal will inform you when the audience is complete. Be sure to thank your totem respectfully and say farewell. If it feels right, venture a hug. Vow to your spirit guide that you will return to visit again soon and often.

Once you have established a receptivity to receive lessons form your animal guide, he will speak to you more and more often. Perhaps you will invoke him, or he may appear at the most unexpected times, often during a personal trial. It will be easy to distinguish spirit communication from everyday consciousness.

Dreams are a common communication venue. Don’t worry about the totem taking over your thoughts or making you do anything that you ordinarily wouldn’t. That is not their purpose. You are the ultimate arbiter of your destiny. They are only there to guide and nudge you along your chosen path.

Spirit guides have an abundance of wisdom for us, so an attitude of gratitude needs to be an important part of our interaction with them.

Some specific benefits of possessing a spirit companion:

• Your Animal will aid you in determining where and how to best expend your creative energies.

• Through your guide’s instruction, your interpersonal communication will improve dramatically.

• Your Spirit Guide will provide clarity on your life purpose.

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