Healing with Angels

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Angels are all around us. They are our guiding lights and protectors. They surround us, from archangels to ancestors to spiritual guides and ascended masters. They can become trusted guides in both healing and understanding purpose.

Reiki Healing with Angels

Reiki healing can bring about spiritual clarity as well as emotional and physical healing. Reiki improves blood circulation and cleanses vital organs. This can lead to pain relief and the correction of imbalances in the body. Reiki healings can also purify the environment and eliminate negative energy surrounding a person.

Healing with angels also focuses on emotional and spiritual, as well as physical, healing. The angels that surround us all will support spiritual growth, knowledge, and awareness, assisting us in finding answers that protect and heal. Reiki practitioners often use archangels and ascending masters to assist with healing. Some archangels called upon for healing are:

•Archangel Raphael – helps with physical healing

•Archangel Uriel – emotional healing, receiving positive energy, solving problems

•Archangel Michael – courage, motivation, self-esteem

•Archangel Zadkiel – compassion, forgiveness, physical and emotional healing

•Archangel Metatron – ADHD and autism, sensitive children

•Archangel Ariel – animal healing

•Archangel Azrael – comforting the sick, help with grieving

Healing with angels begins with learning how to contact them. When a person dreams they often communicate with their angels. Ask for the angels to enter into the dream, ask for the specific healing, and thank the angels for their assistance before falling asleep. Rest assured healing is taking place whether or not you remember the specific details. With time and  practice clarity will be gained. Visions and messages will become clearer.

People can communicate with their angels at any time. Simply ask the angels to communicate about a specific issue or illness, remember to thank them, and then go about the day. Keep an open mind about what is seen and heard throughout the day. The answer can come in many ways.

It can be helpful to keep a journal about the questions asked when seeking healing with angels. Write down feelings and emotions about the healings and answers received. Keeping the journal by the bed will help with remembering dream communications, especially if you write what comes to mind immediately upon waking.

Reiki practitioners can assist with keeping the Chakras balanced which will, in turn, amplify communication with your angels. Angels want to help us. Opening our hearts to let them in is the first step to complete healing.

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