Children and Spirit Angel Guides

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Do you remember when you were younger and you had imaginary friends?

I recently interviewed nine people informally at a dinner gathering and every single one of them recalled having imaginary friends as children. Interestingly enough, of these nine individuals, only one reports still having such a companion.

These imaginary friends were either angels or spirit guides. The difference between angels and spirit guides are that angels never lived in earthly bodies. They have always been in spirit form whereas spirit guides once inhabited the earth as humans. These spirit guides/angels comforted the children at specific times in their lives.

It is said that we have at least two guardian angels with us our whole lives, one who is a more dominant presence who continually reminds us to stay on track with our divine purpose and the other who is a more gentle angel who brings constant comfort. Aside from our guardian angels, there are many angels and spirit guides who come and go in our lives depending on our specific needs at the time.

Angels are non-threatening, pure love beings. They will never cause you to feel afraid. Their presence is always welcome, peaceful and comforting.

Spirit guides, on the other hand, have been human before, and can understand what we go through here on earth, our trials and tribulations, frustrations and fears. They may also be deceased family members who watch over us.

Children see these spirit guides and angels very plainly and clearly. They accept their presence naturally and don’t filter out what they see. It is only after being ridiculed or made to feel that we are imagining things that we lose this natural sight, even though our angels and spirit guides are still there, just waiting to help us if we ask.

It is sad that so often, they cannot do very much for us except in situations where we would die before our time. It is only then that they can intervene due to the laws of free will. We must ask for their help and they so want to help us. Nothing is too trivial to ask for. Ask them to give you a sign that they are with you and pay attention to what you see, hear, feel and sense. Your world can be so much smoother if you invite them into it. You need not ever feel alone again.

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