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What is thankfulness to you?   I took some time to reflect on what I’m most thankful for.  I know that I’m very blessed and sometimes I guess I take my blessings for granted.  However, when I pause to think about what I’m thankful for, I realize that there is an overabundance of things to write home about, far too many to name here, but one in particular which stands out today.

I have what I call a doll house, not because it is cutesy and should be on display by any means.  I call it a doll house because there are a lot of rooms in it and they are all miniature like a doll house.  I complain about it sometimes and want more spacious rooms, but because of these extra rooms, I have been able to share my home with many people over the years.  I always wanted a home where I could fit just one more and I’m grateful to have it.

I have an adopted sister.  When we were younger, she lived in a foster home at my neighbor’s house.  She was my best friend and we played together every day.  After a while, things weren’t working out where she was living and she was going to be placed again with yet another family.  I begged my mother to just let her stay with us for awhile.  After all she was 14 years old, not likely to be adopted. My mother ended up adopting her and my best friend became my sister.  We had the best times together.  When I moved out at 19 years old, she moved out with me.  We worked together, hung out together, and always got along very well.  Then we both got married and had children and, although still very close, drifted some into our busy and separate lives.  Time went on and we both ended up divorced and our lives got even more hectic being single parents.
I love my family.  I try to have a family sleepover once a month and anyone who can make it comes over.  We watch movies, play board games, have snacks and just enjoy each other’s company.  We fill every room and I love having people around.

My sister was financially struggling for months.  Her young daughter had a baby and she was caring for her daughter and her grandson.  She had lost her job of fourteen years and could no longer make ends meet.  She was tired and worn out but never really gave up.  So, I adopted my sister all over again and she moved into my house with my niece and great nephew.  We were roommates again and it was a great comfort to both of us.

In the most stressful of times can come the strangest miracles.

I was happy to be there in my sister’s time of need and merge my adult world with my childhood world, if only for a time, in this unique way.

I love my doll house which is warm and inviting and the place I call home!

Healing, Thankfulness

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